How did you get your ps5?

I know a lot of you could still be waiting, and 4o those of you I say good luck! 

My story isn't all that interesting. I entered myself into Sony's "lottery" which gave you a chance to try and buy one direct from them. Shockingly I was actually picked and effortless was able to secure one at launch day. 

My long time friend was crushed when he wasn't picked. We are both longtime playstation gamers with far too much money invested into the hobby. 

He did finally manage to secure one, perhaps the bots were exhausted that afternoon. 

Hoping to hear some epic stories from all of you about overcoming the challenge that greedy people create!


  • Up here in Canada, The Source held some pre-orders for physical pick-up only, which prevented bots from cleaning them all out. Not exactly an epic story, but that's how I got one!
  • Stole it...

    Not really, just randomly found it at a Walmart a month or two after it released. Still can't find the controller chargers though and I'm not paying those scalpers purely out of spite.
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