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  • If you would like to change your e-mail address before I get around to officially implementing this feature, send me an email (contact@platprices.com) and let me know your old and new e-mail addresses.
  • Not yet, but I’m currently working on a feature to let people import their game library and trophies from Sony's servers. Once that’s live, I can start adding different filters like this.
  • This is coming next! It's a big job, so it'll take a few weeks, but I've started working on proper trophy support so that users can hide games they have trophies in and various other goodies.
  • There is now a "Genre" search filter so that you can search, for example, just for role-playing games.
  • This is now done! When using search filters, you can now select a genre. You can also click on the genres on the left side of a game's page to see other games of the same genre.
  • This is currently planned, along with several other new search filters. I'll hopefully have genre, VR, and a few other search options implemented shortly (say within a month or so).
  • Thanks for the report! Both of those are up now: https://platprices.com/game/73061-death-stranding-directors-cut https://platprices.com/game/65455-judge-eyes-wills-of-death-remastered-englishchinesekoreanjap In fact, both were up automatically by th…
  • Various lists of quick and easy platinum trophies are now available at https://platprices.com/quick-and-easy-platinum-trophies This page is also accessible from the "Browse" drop-down at the top of each page.
  • This is now done. Please let me know if you encounter any weirdness with region-changing stuff on the site.
  • Several publisher pages are now live at https://platprices.com/publishers/ This URL is accessible from the "Browse" drop-down at the top of each page. I'll be adding some additional publishers over the coming months, but please let me kno…
  • I just changed some back-end stuff about how the game series pages work (in particular, how they handle user regions). I'm planning on making this change on *all* pages of the site in the near future, so please let me know if you encounter any weird…
  • Sorry for the delay -- this is now fixed. Some of the data returned by the API is empty for DLC items, but enough information is given that you can hopefully piece things together.
  • Sorry about this -- it's finally fixed. Sony changed something on their search page, which broke how PlatPrices fetches game listings from it. It'll take a few days for everything to properly re-propagate, but it'll be back to normal soon.
  • Fixed those, thanks!
  • Added Doom 3 VR, thanks. However, I can't make a Just Dance series though, for the same reason as Telltale -- they aren't for sale anymore. Whenever a new Just Dance game comes out, they delist the old ones.
  • A Telltale series is tricky, since most of their games aren't actually available for sale anymore (so aren't listed here). The few exceptions that are still for sale typically fall into other existing series. For example, Tales from the Borderlands …
  • Thanks for the suggestions. News tables now hide games from your hide list, as well as games from your library if you've selected that option in your user settings. There is a yellow message that warns you whenever some games are being hidden from y…
  • Weird. The reason it wasn't auto-added here is because even searching exactly for the game's name doesn't bring it up on the official web store: https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/search/chess%20knight%20viking%20lands I've manually added the game…
  • Yeah, unfortunately it's really easy to find when games go on sale on Sony's site, but really hard to find when DLC goes on sale (without checking each and every DLC individually, which is way to slow to be doable). However, there's a workaround tha…
  • As an application of this API, you can now see game prices right on PSNProfiles.com trophy lists (note that this is via the PSNP+ user-made extension for PSNProfiles -- it is not a built-in feature of the site): see https://forum.psnprofiles.com/top…
  • Thanks @Anilcanballi! I've got a few projects around the site that I'm wrapping up right now, but I'll get working on a way to let you (and potentially others) help out starting this weekend.
  • Thanks! They're linked now. And yeah, it's because they have a different game ID -- I do a lot of manual linking of products in different regions.
  • I agree that this would be really nice. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a nice reasonably-automatic way to get this information from anything that Sony provides, so I have to enter it all manually. I have entered some of this information as…
  • Excellent, thank you! The Call of Duty series page is now live, and I'll get to the others shortly (within a day or two).
  • Thanks! I'll start putting series pages together for these. I'm not too familiar with the Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Hitman games though -- would you (or anyone else) be willing to write up a one or two-paragraph basic description of the games an…
  • There is now an API endpoint to get a list of all active sales from https://platprices.com/sales.php, and another endpoint to get all games listed in a sale table like at https://platprices.com/en-us/news/398-psn-sale-february-10-2021-united-states
  • You can also now get a list of all games that went on sale in the past 48 hours via this API.
  • I'll add this back onto the todo-list. I originally had it set up like this, but on mobile it's a terrible user experience (at least on my phone, as soon as I would come to the site it would zoom on the search box and bring up the keyboard). I'll se…
  • And lots more easy trophy games put on sale today in Hong Kong as well: https://platprices.com/en-hk/news/311-psn-sale-february-2-2021-hong-kong
  • Good idea. Honestly, users should probably be able to view any list of games on the site as either a table or a list of cards (e.g., users should be able to view their wishlist as a big long table if they want to). I'll add this to the todo list.