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Ratalaika Games is a video game publisher that specializes in porting indie games to consoles like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Vita. They are well-known in the trophy hunting community for the fact that almost all of their games have extremely easy trophy lists (including platinums) that can be completed in an hour or less. Furthermore, most of their games have multiple trophy lists (one for each console and region of the game's release), making their games extraordinarily popular among players chasing the top of the trophy leaderboards. Since their games are cross-buy (a single purchase per region gets you the game and its platinum on all platforms), they provide one of the more economical means of boosting for a player to boost their platinum count.

Since they do not develop their own games, but only publish indie games made by others, the quality, difficulty, and style of their games vary wildly. However, their trophy lists are fairly uniform, and if a game is particularly long or challenging then its trophy list will likely only require the player to beat its first few levels.

Total trophies:
 1/10 – 6/10   
 150 – 280 hours

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