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Game Publishers  Lightwood Games

Lightwood Games is a video game developer and publisher that is best-known for creating the numerous word puzzle games like word searches and letter-unscrambling games in the POWGI game series. They have also created numerous Pic-a-Pix games, which are puzzle games where the player must draw pictures based on numeric clues that indicate how many pixels of certain colors must be present in different rows and columns of the picture.

Their games all have extremely easy trophy lists that can be sped through with the help of guides on the internet. Their POWGI games can typically be completed in 1.5 hours or less, though their Pic-a-Pix games take quite a bit longer. Most of their games have multiple trophy lists (one for each console and region of the game's release), and they are cross-buy (a single purchase per region gets you the game and its platinum on all platforms).

Total trophies:
 1/10 – 2/10   
 150 – 320 hours

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