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Breakthrough Gaming is a publisher of simplistic arcade-style games with Christian themes and/or Bible verses interspersed throughout. They are well-known throughout the trophy hunting community due to the extreme simplicity of their trophy lists – most of their games can be platinumed in 15 minutes or less.

Their games fall into a handful of different categories:

  • Their Breakthrough Gaming Arcade games task the player with getting a high score on a single arcade-style game. These games can be somewhat challenging at first, but there is often a cheat code that removes the difficulty.
  • Their Breakthrough Bowling games feature a brief storyline and require the player to repeatedly earn good scores in a bowling minigame. While this minigame is somewhat tricky at first, all of the games feature the exact same gameplay, so the player only needs to "get good" once in order to earn a couple dozen platinum trophies.
  • The Zippy the Circle and ZJ the Ball games are old-school platformers that require the player to find (not hidden at all) coins.
  • The Our Church and Halloween RPG games are lightweight RPGs that can be completed in about 20 minutes. They typically require the player to defeat all enemies in the game and/or speedrun the game (both of which are straightforward).
Total trophies:
 1/10 – 3/10   
 10 – 19 hours

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