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Game Series  Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a series of first-person shooter video games. They each feature 3 core modes: Campaign, Multiplayer & Zombies/Spec Ops/Survival/Extinction. Most trophies are tied to the campaign, requiring it to be completed on Veteran difficulty, a few being tied to Multiplayer, and the rest being delegated to its third mode. The games up until Modern Warfare (2019) had four paid DLC packs spread out over the year of the game's release. All the DLC trophies are tied to the game's third mode (Zombies/Spec Ops/Survival/Extinction).

For the most part, games in this series have straightforward, easy trophy lists, but the Zombies mode is highly skill dependent. They typically have no missable trophies due to their campaigns having mission select.

Total trophies:
 3/10 – 8/10   
 550 – 900 hours

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