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Game Series  Hitman

Hitman is a series of stealth video games, plus a single strategy, turn-based, puzzle orientated game (Hitman Go). The premise of Hitman is about blending in and taking out your targets as stealthily as possible, while also featuring gory, environmental ways of taking out your targets. Hitman Blood Money & Hitman: Absolution were more traditional games, with chapters Starting with Hitman (2016). The World of Assassination Trilogy focuses more on well-defined maps that you can pick and choose while completing challenges that play into many different playstyles. The World of Assassination Trilogy includes numerous DLCs, all of which are each independent maps in its own DLC. Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 do not feature platinum trophies.

For the most part, games in this series have straightforward trophy lists that require lots of time to be spent mastering the games' mechanics and levels.

Total trophies:
 1/10 – 4/10   
 75 – 100 hours

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