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Game Series  Far Cry

Far Cry is a series of open-world first-person shooter video games that are developed and published by Ubisoft Entertainment (the first game in the series was developed by Crytek though). The games do not have any significant shared narrative elements, but instead share a theme of placing the player in a wilderness environment where they must help fight against one or more despots that control the region as well as surviving against wild animals that roam the open spaces. The Far Cry games feature a robust single-player campaign with later titles offering co-operative campaign support. The games also offer competitive multiplayer options.

Trophy-wise, recent Far Cry games are typically fairly quick and easy to platinum, especially by the standard of open-world games. However, some older games in the series (in particular, Far Cry 2 for the PlayStation 3) were much more difficult and required a much greater time investment.

Total trophies:
 3/10 – 4/10   
 95 – 130 hours

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