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The 7th Guest


Released:July 10, 2024
Publisher:Liron Barzilai
Game ID:PPSA19312 (?)

The 7th Guest

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The famous game remastered in a new 30th Anniversary Edition and available for the first time on PlayStation!
The father and mother of all 'Haunted Mansion' games!
"Stunning and revolutionary graphics; a slice of history for adventure fans." - Adventure Gamers

Henry Stauf's mansion has been abandoned for as long as anyone dare remember. Stauf was a master toy maker, a maker of amazing puzzles and this strange, eerie, mansion was his greatest creation.
It stands empty, rotting ever since children started dying with his toys near them, ever since six guests came and were never seen again.

Now, you are in the house, moving from one room to another, trying to remember and trying to forget. Because Stauf's game isn't over. There were six guests the world knew about - and there was one other.
The mansion of horror comes to life again and only you can end this mad nightmare and learn the secret of the 7th guest.

The game features:
- Groundbreaking use of full-motion video and dialogue recorded by live actors in a terrifyingly virtual environment.
- Bizarre puzzles to solve and games to play.
- 22 stunningly rendered, devilishly surprising, 3-D rooms await you in this fully explorable haunted mansion.

‘30th Anniversary Edition' features:
- Totally new, much praised, game play controls that were built from the ground up for game controllers.
Hotspot based - no more pixel hunting!

- Two Music options: The praised, orchestrated, music score remastered or the original score in Midi recording

- Much improved voice acting audio and all-new, optional subtitles

- A stunning new HD graphic mode that up-scales the game beautifully to high-resolutions.

- 27 Trophies to earn and share with your friends

- Optional retro settings: play with original graphics, original music and even the original controls (mouse cursor)

- Multiple languages (ALL included without additional payment):
English voice acting, with or without English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Polish and Hebrew subtitles
German voice acting with or without German subtitles
French voice acting with or without French subtitles
Russian voice with or without Russian subtitles

Licensed from Trilobyte Games, LLC - the original game series developer. An Oregon-based corporation.


Released:July 10, 2024
Publisher:Liron Barzilai
Game ID:PPSA19312 (?)

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